Marijuana Grow closets

When you grow inside a wardrobe or closet area try using good full spectrum LED grow lights, they keep the heat issues to a minimum. Another method is using CFL grow lights or low 125 Watt HPS unit. We review quite a few grow closets here.

With indoor  marijuana growing comes many options. Some growers tend to like the idea of using grow boxes while others are into grow closets. Grow closets are taller cabinets that usually have a lot of space making them ideal for a majority of growers. They allow the plants to reach the desired heights. When using a closet, many aspects will be put into consideration to ensure healthy plants. They are discussed below.

Lighting system

The good thing about grow closets is that they will only accommodate a couple of plants. This means that the lighting required won’t cost you much. What must be considered, however, is to have a full spectrum system. This will work on our plants both in the vegetative and flowering stages.

A light timer

Contrary to the grow boxes that come with complete automatic set up, for the closet you must provide a light timer. It becomes essential in the flowering stage when your plants must be on a 12/12-hour system. The plants strictly need 12 hours of total darkness and 12 hours of light.

Reflective bubble insulation

Most of the closets have dark insides. This is against our marijuana plants’ requirements. To curb this, we should use an insulation material that is reflective to make sure all light is concentrated on to the plants. If your closet has white inner walls, it is not necessary to buy the reflective material.

Ventilation system

The closet is a confined space and hence a good ventilation system will be crucial. Ideally, two fans will be needed. One should be blowing cool air from below the closet while the other exhausts the air from above. Computer fans are recommended. They work well and are not very expensive.

To have good yields for our plants (small scale), much is not required. For approximately $100, all the above aspects will be catered for adequately. This will be the start of your way to having high quality, home grown marijuana.