Hydroponic grow box for Marijuana

These are purpose built grow boxes that include lighting, pumps, reservoir and cooling and work specifically for growing weed indoors. The LED grow box system can range from a cabinet that has then been fitted out with bits and pieces and some are full blown purpose built machines that work brilliantly.

Most of the times, you will find that grow boxes will be ideal for growing marijuana indoors.

This is the case especially in small scale farmers or even patients that have weed as a prescription. A weed grow box is a small greenhouse that is used to grow marijuana indoors. We will look at the factors to look at when building/buying a grow box and the different types.


Determinants of a grow box

  • Space-The amount of weed that is required or that is consumed will help in getting the right space. The amount of space available will also help in growing the right strains of marijuana.
  • Hydroponics System-Apart from soil, hydroponic systems use growing mediums such as rockwool and coco coir. Different grow boxes have distinct systems. Hydroponic systems are said to be more productive than soil. Hence, a grower may want to rely on grow boxes.
  • Budget-In marijuana growing, one ought to be very conscious about the budget. One may want to build a grow box but it is not recommended. This is because many parts are required and may inflate your budget. Ready-made ones are also safer.
  • Stealth-You may not want everybody that visits your place to know you are growing marijuana. That is why a box that will ensure growth remains a secret will be ideal.
  • Requirements-You will find that there are various requirements of the farmer/user that will determine the type of grow box used. A user that needs a constant supply of weed will go for a box that has many chambers for instance.

Types of grow boxes

There are different types of marijuana grow boxes. They are largely influenced by the capacity, size and prices. When you decide to use a grow box, it is advisable to look for one that will satisfy your needs.

Considering their prices, grow boxes are not ideal for large scale farming. However, small scale will do fine with the boxes. They will ensure your expectations and requirements are met perfectly.