Granddaddy Purple


Granddaddy Purple is easy to grow feminized Indica strain great for beginners that produce medium to high yields. Grandaddy Purple will be ready to harvest in 11 to 12 weeks from seed. Grandaddy Purple has an average CBD level of < 1 percent and an average THC level of up to 23 percent. Recreational users find her deeply relaxing, while among the possible medical applications is the relief of insomnia and stress.



Indoor Yield

Flowering Period

100% 21 ounces per 3 square feet 9 weeks


Granddaddy Purple is a hybrid cross between two famous strains Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Ken Estes created this West Coast strain in 2003 at a San Francisco laboratory in the USA. Grandaddy Purple is a 100% Indica strain, and as the name suggests is noted for its purple buds and heavy frosting.

When grown indoors expect this feminized strain to reach about 90 centimeters, Granddaddy Purple is a compact strain that rarely pushes above the 1-meter mark. Granddaddy Purple delivers above-average yields, usually producing around 14-17 ounces per plant, depending upon the skill of the grower and environmental conditions.



Up to 23%


Up to 1%




Indoors and Sunny outdoors

Plant Size



Deeply Relaxing / Buzzing

Smell / Taste

Berry / Fruit / Grape / Sweet

Medical Uses

Insomnia / Appetite / Pain Management / Stress Relief


Granddaddy Purple smells very sweet. It also has a grapey aroma like cotton candy, similar to many grapefruit strains. It is even comparable to a grapefruit diesel with earthy undertones so you can almost taste the soil. But the smell is not too overpowering.

The bud formations with Granddaddy Purple are usually almost entirely purple with some orange depending on the exact genetics. It is a dark purple that goes from lighter to dark deeper inside the bud, which is most apparent in the center.

Granddaddy Purple is known to be a useful medicinal strain, especially if you suffer from muscle spasms, appetite loss, or insomnia. There have been impressive results reported from these pure Indica strains, particularly from OG Kush, which is well known as a gentle, relaxing Indica.

This strain is perfect for nighttime use to help with problems sleeping or for any chronic pain such as migraines or any loss of appetite. This 100% Indica is also perfect for helping you relax throughout the day because it does not have that super sleepy side. There is a cerebral kick to Granddaddy Purple with maybe a little heaviness in the head, but mainly it is going to help you to relax. For any people suffering from social anxiety, this strain can also help deal with that as well.

Granddaddy Purple is a recommended strain for the novice or hobbyist with great aesthetics and ‘bag appeal’, the plants are also nice and compact which is always helpful for people with limited grow space while also offering the potential for medium to high yields for the more skilled grower.