Are you looking forward to germinating Cannabis Seeds? When a white tendril pops out of the marijuana seed, then you understand that germination has begun. A taproot develops from the tendril. All the other roots that grow later will sprouts from the taproot. Progress in germination pushes the seed upwards. The first leaves that appear are known as cotyledons. They appear after seed’s shell breaks through the growing medium. Marijuana seeds are expensive hence the seeds should not be wasted. There are many sources in which a Marijuana grower can acquire Cannabis seeds. When buying seeds, quality should be a priority.

Quality is a factor that should always guide a grower. Mature seeds that are dark brown have quality. They are also light and have a hard feel upon touching. A seed that is fresh and green indicates that it did not mature. The Marijuana farmer should make sure that there is enough growing space and prepares it adequately. To germinate, cannabis seeds need air, water, and heat. There are therefore many ways to grow Marijuana. Marijuana can be grown through small scale or large scale.

One of the oldest and simplest planting methods involves the use of paper towels that are saturated in water. Four sheets of paper towels are soaked in water and excess water is not allowed to run off. Two paper towels are placed on a plate, at least two cannabis seeds are placed apart from each other then they are both covered with the remaining paper towels. Another plate is then used to cover the paper towels. The grower waits for progress, makes sure they are warm and not disturbed and can also water them frequently. There is no exact time limit on the duration it takes for seeds to germinate. Some may take several days while others longer.


Seeds grown in a seedbed can be transported as soon as the true leaves are visible. The young plants are lifted with the soil around them and placed in holes created in their growing pots. After transplanting, water the soil around the base of the young seedling. Overwatering can cause suffocation; therefore, it should be moderated.  In a week’s time, the seedling will have adapted to its new environment and grown bigger. Containers that are used to grow Cannabis come in different sizes. Containers of up to twelve inches in height are recommended but if in doubt a bigger size is chosen as compared to a smaller one.

You need to remember that it is important to take into account all the steps that should be considered from the purchasing of the seeds to the germination process. It is very important that every cannabis root gets a lot of oxygen so that it can grow within the shortest period of time. Following planting rules especially when the seedlings are very young can come in handy in preventing a lot of loses that can be incurred from input that does not produce yield.