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The G Pen Roam is the newest vaping release from G-Pen, a leading player in the vaping products industry. This device was inspired by the need to provide dabbers with a portable device with an in-built water filtration system. Whether you are into Shatter, Dab, Wax or other THC and CBD concentrate, this vaporizer is for you. The slim profile makes it easy to slip and fit into a pocket yet the device has the ability to produce thick clouds of vapor. Since it is quite easy to use, those who consider themselves vaping novices will enjoy it.

Notable design features

  • Water filtration system

Dubbed by the manufacturer as the “The G Pen Roam’s Hydro-Tube” the Roam is definitely the star vaporizer from this brand. Though some other models have in the past attempted to incorporate a water filtration system, the setback has been in balancing the size of the finished product. Unless you know about the G Pen, it is hard to tell that it holds water inside – it does not leak. The water filtration system has been totally compressed such as not to interfere with its functions.

  • Temperature calibration

Vaporization with the G Pen takes place with one of two heating modes. This is what is responsible for the thick clouds of flavor. When it is time for cleaning, a third mode known as a “Max Mode” is activated. To adjust the temperature of the vaporizer, the +/- buttons on the device should be pressed to make 25 degrees alterations. The heating can be done at a maximum temperature of 800F.

When the Roam is in the automatic heating mode, the temperatures rise up to what has been set. You will know that it has been achieved because the device is going to vibrate. After 30 seconds in this state of heat, the vaporizer will let out a vibration to signal that no vapor is being produced. In case the user was only interested in a single draw of vapor in this mode, the mode can be deactivated by clicking the setting button twice.

The manual heating mode is quite easy to use because all a user needs to do is press down the power button and it gets activated. If full power is preferred, the user just needs to activate the “Max Heating Mode”. To get to this temperature hold the temperature increase until you get to 800F, then click on the on/off button.

  • Full Quartz Tank

The main role of this tank is flavor appreciation when vaping is at high temperature. This will however only happen when the Roam is at a maximum temperature of between 600F to 800. Having your device at 600F offers allows you to enjoy the full vapor of your material. For temperatures above that, the material will still have flavor but the thickness of the smoke is guaranteed.

G Pen RoamHow to use the G Pen Roam

Most of the e-nails in the market are quite simple to use; the G Pen Roam is no exception. If you brought it to a party and would like it to pass around, go ahead. Even your friends who have not handled it before might even need teaching.

The more you use the G Pen Roam, the better results you obtain. Connoisseurs can discover a trick or two every time they are vaping and this reduces any chance that of getting bored.

  • Step 1: open the Roam oven and pour your material inside the hydro-tube.
  • Step 2: rapidly click on the power button five times to switch it on.
  • Step 3: adjust the temperature to your liking using the 25 degrees adjustment buttons. If you would rather use one of the two heat modes, press on the switch button.
  • Step 4: wait for the vaporizer to vibrate as an indication that it has achieved selected temperature. The device will stay at this temperature for 30 seconds before cooling begins.

Overall performance and quality of vapor

Everyone who uses the G Pen Roam falls in love with it – most people are impressed within the first few minutes of use. The calibration of the heating elements is perfectly done to produce a tasty vapor every time.

For most users of this Roam, the major setback is on the micro-USB port system for charging. Such a technically advanced device should feature a USB-C port for convenience. The other major item on users of the Roam is that it could have a compartment for burning dry herbs in addition to solid extracts.

Battery performance

The internal 1300mAH G Pen Roam battery gives users around 20 sessions before one is required to charge again. This means that even heavy users will have the freedom of staying a few days without the need to charge. Since the micro-USB charging system is rather old, users must carry their own chargers every time they are mobile.


As the G Pen Roam review states, it is quite a revolution as far as wax vaping is concerned. It is only a matter of time before other manufacturers copy the concept. There is obviously a great deal of creativity that went into the engineering and design of the Roam. Before this innovation, never had it been possible to pack a stand-alone water filtration system into a device so small that it fits in the palm of the hand. With its advanced features and specifically the Hydro-Tube, the Roam is quite user-friendly. No prior experience is needed to load and use the Roam. Just follow your intuition and accompanying instructions for a rewarding vaping experience. Does your G Pen Roam device require cleaning? You will know it does because it begins to perform slower than you are used to. Cleaning the Roam is as easy as activating the “Max Cleaning Mode”. This works by burning off residue and debris that could have been lodged in the device bogging down your vaping sessions. This is a recommended pick for users who take concentrates and are keen on a smooth draw every time they indulge.

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