G8LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

G8LED Full spectrum LED grow lightsG8LED Full spectrum LED grow lights: G8LED grow lights have been giving indoor growers tremendous results for over 8 years. The G8 lights have gone through several iterations of design and manufacturing improvements to bring the highest yielding grow lights to the market.  They have won numerous accolades and made the top of many lists. Most recently, G8LED released its largest Bloom only light, the G8LED G8-600 Bloom light. This is a true 1000 watt HPS replacement and designed for the flowering phase of a plant’s growth cycle. The G8-600 Bloom light covers a 5ft by 4ft flowering area and draws only 350watts of power at 3Amps (110V). The G8-600 Bloom light was awarded the “2017 Best New LED Grow Light” by High Times Magazine in the September 2017 issue.