Freedom Baby

Freedom Baby – Harlequin Jo

This lady is a nurse at heart with a slightly naughty edge.  Don’t get involved with her expecting whirling dervish evenings with sky high euphorics or aura like body buzzes.  She comes with a thermometer and stethoscope and hoping to heal.

This is a non-femmed seed, so you’ll be picking some boys out of here, but that’s by no means an accident.  This line of genetics is directly engineered to help integrate CBD heavy genetics to the modern marketplace.  While originally seen as something that diluted or watered down the high, CBD is now the belle of the ball.  It bring some of the most highly regarded medicinal benefits of the plant and often acts as a legitimate gateway into more mind heavy THC products.  Feel free to take Freedom Baby as it is, a solid balanced strain, or mix it up with your favorite standards for new flavors and medicinal combos.  Mixed with your favorite indica and find a healing bed to recoup on or mix with your nearest sativa and the output will get you back on your feet, into physical therapy.

This is an experimental strain, with genetics that are still solidifying.  This can be good and bad depending on what you’re looking for.  The ratio of CBD to THC might not be as stable as one would wish, however the surprises that can be found by popping a pack are infinite.  New terpene combos, different pallets and colors could await you and your patients.

Being a medicinal strain, you won’t find hugh sherberty citrus tones or ever anything resembling a strawnanna, but you will find good earthy notes which impart the apothecary-like traits of Freedom Baby.  To get really deep into it, you can find almost burnt fruit notes, sun roasted husk, or farm grassy smells.

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