Fox farm nutrients are very good for hydroponics and soil growth of Marijuana. The fox farm Nutrient is among the best nutrients and chemicals used when growing Marijuana indoors. The other nutrient lines of the Fox Farm include; Bush doctor Sledgehammer, Beastie Bloom, ChaChing, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom.

During the growing, ChaChing, Beastie Bloom, and Bush Doctor Sledgehammer are used in small amount and only on specified occasions.



When carry carrying out a transplanting exercise in bigger containers, make use of Fox farm potting soil, and apply with every other watering.

At the flowering Stage of Marijuana, decrease the level of light from 17 to 12 hours. To avoid nutrient lock up, it is important to support a PH range of 6.4 and 6.8; this also helps with reduction of stress in plants.

To meet the robust growth of the plant that results in high yields, primary nutrients should be put to use. The chemical concentration of the primary nutrients should not be mixed directly together before addition of water.

Sometimes the marijuana plant may show signs of weakness, stress, and inconsistency in color, if this happens, you should flush your entire system with fox farm bush doctor together with Sledgehammer and Fox Farm Big bloom nutrient line.

Accumulation of salt in the plant will not have a good effect and to prevent this the PH should be regulated, you should flush by using the considerable amount of water two times to dilute and remove any unnecessary salt that has build up, this helps to protect and support the health of the root, by healing the root’s bio-culture. For your healthy edible plant, you should remember to flush the systems once more in one or two weeks before you go ahead with harvesting.

The process of watering before harvesting is highly recommended when you are making use of coco related mediums, the reason being Coco has a culture of keeping salts more than peat for soils.



In hydroponic feeding schedule, the light should be reduced from 18 to 13 hours, and to meet best results, the PH should be maintained between 5.9 and 6.2.The temperature should be regulated at 18-30 degrees. In a high-temperature environment, it is likely that transpiration will cause a reduction in water levels which will, therefore, cause high salt concentration. To counter the salt build up you should add clean and fresh water so that it can top the reservoir. When adding concentrates, water should be used first. Watering should be done to regulate PH and salt accumulation in the plant.


Fresh and clean water should be used to top the system, where the environment is hot, to help with excess salt removal. Feeding the plant with excess concentrates can easily cause burning, therefore as a marijuana grower; you should be patient and use the considerable amount of nutrients in correct ratios that aim at regulating the PH levels. Your plant will always show signs that tell you when you overfeeding or underfeeding.