Cannabis Feminized Seeds


When it comes to marijuana growth, many growers start their crops from seeds. As time goes by, mother plants and clones are getting more popular. A startling fact, however, is that apart from the Netherlands and North America, other places are yet to start generating cannabis from cuttings. Gorilla Weed Seeds have many methods of creating feminized seeds. The basic thing done is to stress a female plant till it becomes hermaphroditic. The pollen it produces is then used to fertilize other female plants.

Ideally, just like the name suggests, feminized seeds will give you female plants only. The highest quality feminized seeds have a viability of 99.9%. They are the most preferred by many farmers., especially large-scale producers. This is because having these seeds will ensure that less time is spent in sexing the plants. Normally what happens with the regular seeds is that it reaches a time (just before and during flowering) when you have to determine the sex of your plants. You have the responsibility of separating them as having male plants in your farm will lead to fertilization and hence low yields. The THC and CBD levels are also greatly reduced when male plants are not eliminated.

Cannabis Feminized SeedsAnother thing is that having feminized seeds saves space. The idea behind this is that when you plant feminized seeds only, you won’t need to uproot them as it is the case in regular seeds during sexing. Therefore, your space is adequately used and hence the expected yield is achieved. The other advantage is that you do not need to buy extra seeds so as to end up with female plants. Hence, money is saved as initially, these seeds are will give female plants.

There is also the aspect of saving on resources. In regular seeds, you spend a lot in the purchase, planting activities, adding nutrients(fertilizers), watering and spending time on them only to start differentiating between males and females. The males are definitely removed. This is wastage of resources since the males have already utilized a lot. Use of feminized seeds ensures that every effort and resource is accounted for and does not get wasted. Guerilla growers also prefer these kinds of seeds. These are the growers who do not have a lot of time and still are trying to hide their identity. The use of these seeds lessens the required visits to the site.

It is good to get your seeds from a professional dealer. This will assist you to get all the information you need for the feminized seeds. For instance, not all feminized seeds are the same. They differ according to the method they were produced from. There have been cases of growers purchasing feminized seeds which later turn into hermaphrodites. Male plants then find their way into the farm.

Feminized seeds are good to use, you can also make your own feminized marijuana seeds. They will ensure that your yield is high all through. However, you will not lack 1 or 2 inequalities. In case you find them on your farm, just remove them and thoroughly clean your farm. Having knowledge on sexing is, therefore, very important. If you ever wanted to check out a new strain we recommend you to try Blim burn Seeds mango. The best way to maintain a female strain all through is by cloning.