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Growing marijuana is something people would to do especially in areas where marijuana has been legalized. Having your own supply or even for business makes growing cannabis quite interesting. Most would want to try it out just to see if it can be a good business also. Well, just like any other crop, it needs some essentials to be able to grow cannabis. You do not just wake up one day and start growing cannabis. Let us check out some of the essentials you have to keep in mind.

Genetics are important

The genetics are definitely important. The seeds that you use in the first place are going to determine what kind of harvest you end up. It is therefore important to take the time to have a proper seed selection process. There are those who might want some strong strains, but others want mild strains. It all comes down to what you are planting in the first case.

Genetic considerations are also important depending on the weather. Not all strains might do well in certain places. So, you have to consider the weather and compare it to the seeds available. No need to waste money on seeds that might not grow in your area.

Avoid using clones

You might want to avoid the use of clones. It is better to work with seeds. Well, the clones might have a few advantages here and there, but it is still a risky business for beginners. The clones are designed to produce the exact traits as the mother plant. Well, in such cases, sometimes there might be some weaknesses from the mother plant. This even includes diseases. As you can see, working with the seeds would be much easier.

Also, the change in weather can have shock on the plants. They would need more time to adjust as compared to the seeds.

Use feminized seeds

Another thing is that you are advised to opt for feminized seeds. This will help you to end up with massive and top quality yields all the time. This process also helps to avoid catastrophes and further slowdown such processes.

The feminized seeds are known not to harbor any male chromosomes. This means that each of the plant will be female. They are often favored over their male counterparts for producing medical and also recreational marijuana.

Compare the different seed options available so as to end up with one that allows for quality buds in the end.

Quality soil

Another thing you have to keep in mind should the quality of soil. The plants need the right nutrients from the soil as they can grow better. It is the reason you have to also keep in mind the type of soil you are using. For any good soil, it should be able to support the plant even better.

The soil should not be deficient in minerals and other important elements. The presence of deficiencies is what leads to a slow growth and also low quality buds. No one wants to end up with low quality buds all the time.

Boosters and fertilizers

As much as the quality of the soil is important, you still need to have some boosters and fertilizers. These can be seen as supplements to the existing nutrients in the soil. Just make sure you are using the right nutrients so that they do not end up harming the soil for good.

Read more about the boosters and fertilizers so that you get to pick the right one for your marijuana farming needs.

Light is crucial

It is basic knowledge that plants need light to grow better. You need to consider the amount of light that you expose to your cannabis if you want the best growth. With enough light, the marijuana plants will grow easily and give you the kind of performance that you have always wanted. Multiple options exist when it comes to lighting systems. This makes it possible for you to end up with the best lighting system all the time depending on your growing room needs.

Maintain good airflow and ventilation

Having a proper airflow in the grow room is definitely important. This is because it plays an important role of ending up with the best quality in terms of the crop. With the best airflow, you end up reducing the chances of mold which is common in damp environments and places with stagnant airflow. With the best system in place, you should have now provided the best environment for marijuana to grow.


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