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Traditionally smoking is an act in which a substance mainly dried tobacco leaves are burned and the smoke breathed from it, is absorbed in the blood stream. Smoking is a recreational activity. A person engages in smoking to deliver active ingredients present in the smoke into the blood stream that apparently give them a high or a feeling of well being.

A brief history of smoking

Smoking has been a part of human history from the ancient times. The first instances of smoking can be traced back to as early as 4000 BC in shamanistic rituals in the Americas. Several types of materials especially hallucinogenic i.e. substances causing hallucinations where used for smoking. Cannabis and opium were the most popular smoked substances. Before tobacco came into the picture Cannabis was quite famous in the Middle East.  It was mainly consumed through Hookah: a type of water pipe. Here is the best vape shop in US.

Introduction to E-cigarettes

Cigarette smoking notoriously occupies the top position in the list of harmful bad habits one possess. Alcohol and our conventional cigarette smoking have been in the picture for a few decades now, but now new entrants of the similar tribe are making their way into the hands of individuals. Two such new entrants are E-Cigarettes and Hookahs. Yes, Hookah has been there in the past, but the modern times have seen a newer and advanced version of the same. E-Cigarettes are taking the place of conventional cigarettes and Flavored Hookahs are taking the place of tobacco filled Hookahs.

E-Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes is a new mode of smoking which actually simulates tobacco smoking. It consists of a handheld device which contains a liquid constituting flavors and varying amounts of nicotine. Have a look in Herbalize Store CA to get an idea about such devices. Its mechanism of working involves heating of the liquid to produce aerosol called vapor which is inhaled by the user. The use of e-cigarettes is also known as vaping.

Why the craze?

According to reports the use of unconventional smoking methods in U.S. teens is on the rise. In the duration of 1 year only there has been an increase by almost 2% in the usage of E-cigarettes and Hookah among middle and high school students. One of the reasons for their growing use has been cited to be their marketing strategies of showing them as harmless.

These battery powered devices are often thought as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. E-cigarettes may or may not contain nicotine in them. E-cigarettes are used by adults to help them quit smoking gradually. But they are also becoming quite popular among the teenagers. Where adults are using it for quitting, the use of e-cigarettes in teenagers is leading them to adopt the habit of tobacco smoking.

The use of E-cigarettes and Hookah has become a growing trend among the teenagers in spite of the fact that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned their sale to teenagers below the age of 18. This very ban suggests that there is some harm in the usage of these devices.

There are still no long term studies on how the use of E-cigarettes and Hookah affects the health of humans in the long run but these alternative versions of smoking are not totally free from toxic substances which may result in diseases. This is the best vape shop in CA

Impact on Impressionable minds:

It is often said that the development or learning of human being takes place through copying the actions of each other. When a young baby is born, he learns gestures and expressions from what he observes in his parents. This practice of copying others is engraved in our nature. This very nature has been imparted in us from birth for learning beneficial things from our surroundings but unfortunately this nature sometimes leads to learning of bad habits.

This can be especially seen in teens that often fall victim to bad habits in the hopes of seeming cool to others. It all starts with seeing someone else doing it and getting influenced from that. If you ask most of the teenagers why they developed drinking and smoking vices, they would often reply that they saw someone else doing it and found it to be cool. In this way the things which often start as just an innocent curiosity often leads to getting addicted.

Though E-cigarettes and Hookah may contain less nicotine levels still they are not totally safe. The substances used in them have a very real possibility to cause the same diseases such as those in conventional smoking.

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