Cannabis growers all over the world agree to the best performance of Dutch Master Nutrients in Marijuana growing. Most people prefer to use the nutrient despite it being costly. The nutrient cause good health and well-grown flowering weed plants to bloom profusely without any burn. There is other products line that is produced by the Dutch master such as, Silica, Max Grow, Penetrator, Folitech, One Grow, and Penetrator.

The penetrator is usually used together with foliar sprays, as it allows the Marijuana plant to absorb and use foliar spray fully. On the other hand, Folitech has been designed to maximize photosynthesis during the vegetation period. Growers who have already used the Dutch Nutrients says that if the nutrients are applied in the recommended dosage and properly used, the quality of the plant and quantity during the harvest season will be tremendous.

Usage of Dutch master Nutrients starts in the first week at the point when rooting and plantation of clones begins. The usage of the nutrient can also begin immediately when three sets of true leaves of seedlings start to grow.

The next stage of this article will focus on the level Dutch Master Nutrient’s dosage that is needed in each stage of weed growing period. This is very important for new growers who are still learning how to grow marijuana and people who have grown but need to boost yields with the use of nutrients.


In the first week, use 14 tbs of One Grow and 2 tbs of Max Grow.

At week three, put 4 tbs of One GROW and 1 tablespoons of Silica nutrient line.

During the first day of the last week, you should Flush and conduct refill addition of 18 tbs of One Flower, 2 tbs  Max Flower and 1 tbs of Silica.

In Week 5 of 12 weeks use 4 tbs of One Flower.



The Dutch Nutrients also requires more weekly application and the schedule runs as follows;

14 tbs of One Grow and 2 tbs of Max Grow are used during the first week of the plant.

You should use 16 tbs One Grow and 2 tbs Max Grow in the second week, and during the third week, use 18 tbs One Grow and 2 tbs Max Grow.

In week four add 20 tbs One Grow, 2 tbs Max Grow and 1 tablespoons Silica. This application should continue until the last week especially when the vegging is longer.



In the first, second and third week, of the full twelve weeks, 22tsp One Flower, 2 tsp Max Flower and 1 tsp Silica is used.

In the fourth week use 20 tsp One Flower and 2 tsp Max Flower, followed by 14tsp One Flower and 2tsp Max Flower in the fifth week.

In the last week apply 12 tsp One Flower, 2 tsp Max Flower, and 1 tsp Silica. If there is more time available before flushing of nutrients can be done the dosage at week five and six you can be repeated.