Critical Neville Haze Auto Feminized Seeds

Critical Neville Haze Auto Feminized Seeds

Breed cross between Neville Haze Auto and Il Diavolo Auto creates a Critical genetic Neville Haze Auto, which is delicious and an auto-flowering Strain. World of seeds gave the Neville Haze Auto as a donation and it tags well with Il Diavolo.The combination maintains distinctive haze flavor and highness while reducing the flowering period to 50 days.

The genetic form of the Critical Neville Haze Auto is 90% of Sativa, and this shows through the long branches, thin leaves, and beautiful flowers. The plant can stretch a bit during growth but, this should not cause any concern to indoor growers since they can always control the height of growth.

At about 3weeks, Critical Neville Haze Auto will begin flowering, whether there is sufficient light or not. Harvesting usually takes place in seven weeks from the time of flowering.

Neville Haze Auto has buds that are big and a lot, with several resins production. The metallic tang taste is always fresh and clean. This strain is a better option for those fans who are fed up with months of waiting for Haze to finish. The hit from auto is usually uplifting with amazing euphoric effect.

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