Critical Jack Seeds

Critical Jack Seeds

Another namesake to the pope of dope, Critical Jack offers a bit more mellow of a buzz and some eyes to the sky uplifting feelings.  This is a great strain to keep handy in your grow for the ease of use, ease of growth and frankly, it’s versatility compared to Jack’s other children.

This is an autoflowering strain, so best to keep your hands off and watch from slightly afar.  Too much attention being paid will result in diminishing returns and less than picture perfect product on the flowering.  Keep the food and light right, don’t try to bend or knot your nodes, keep on truckin and watch her grow before your very eyes.  Its light hungry, so keep it pretty and illuminated while keeping your own distance.  Your cycle isn’t going to be super long, expect about 8-9 weeks before your harvest then account for your clipping and curing.

Your nose and tongue will both dance with the citrusy notes inherent with the Herer family, but this one packs a bit more of a spicy punch and lingers on the pallet for a moment before flitting off into the ether.   That lemon nose and punch keeps this flavorful without turning into a taste that you can’t quite put your finger on.

The effects of this product will not incapacitate you or put you into the couch cushions, but this is no lightweight.  The mental rush will provide stimulus and over consumption might lead to anxiety if you aren’t careful.  The pluses are numerous however, with a healthy appetite enhancing effect and effects to keep your mood elevated.  It’s not a permagrin, but it will clear the rain clouds from your blue skies.  Not saying there are potent physical effects, but this is mainly a mental player.  Enjoy and let your mind explore!

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