Cloning of Marijuana is one of the breeding processes after sexual reproduction, where a female plant is crossed with a male plant via pollination so as to come up with seeds. Cloning of weed is also referred to as asexual reproduction, and it is far much more beneficial than using regular seeds from shops. A clone is a rooted cutting which is genetically similar to the plant they are brought from. Cloning of Marijuana is so much beneficial to home and commercial Marijuana growers. If you clone your Marijuana well, you will end up with a garden that is highly stable and sustainable. Cloning of Marijuana has also been known to be cost-effective.

Cloning provides the Marijuana growers with an opportunity to establish new harvest with a precise similarity to the top performing Marijuana plant. Given the circumstances that genetics are exactly the same or identical, you will be able to get a plant that is of the same traits, For example, if you find a Marijuana plant that has buds with characteristics you like, all you need to do is to conduct cloning and, by doing this you will end up with a plant that produces buds that are identical to the ones from the original plant. Make use of clones from your own garden when you need to come up with Marijuana plants with high-quality effects such as; great smell, taste, cannabinoid, and high yield.

With cloning, you will not need to spend so much money on new seeds. Your garden will always have sufficient clones and plants with the best genetic combination.

So how exactly is weeding cloning done? Most indoor or outdoor Marijuana growers tend to avoid cloning with reasons that it is a difficult process but, cloning Marijuana from your garden is not a complex process. To begin with, you need a sharp razor blade to make cuttings; a razor is preferred to a pair of scissors because it doesn’t crush branches. You will also require some clean water, a rooting hormone, and a rooting medium.

Choose a Marijuana mother plant that is of good health, one that is almost two months into a vegetative cycle and sturdy.


You need to go through this simple steps in preparing Weed Mother plant for cutting;

Ensure you keep from fertilizing before making the cuttings so as to give nitrogen room to come out of the plant leaves.

Ensure the environment where cutting is taking place is sterile to prevent any cause for agitation that may result between the mother plant and cuttings.

Use the lower branches that are of robust healthy and sturdy.

Make your cutting near the main stem using your razor blade at an angle of 45 degrees to the branch, this will enhance the rate of growth by extending the surface area.

Once you have made your new cuttings, place them into the water as fast as you can to avoid the formation of the air bubble into the stem, because bubbles hinder absorption of water into the stem.