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Whether you are suffering from joint pains, sore muscles or any other localized conditions, buying a high quality CBD product can be the best alternative for regular prescription medicines or traditional painkillers. When it comes to deciding which CBD product works best, there is a long standing debate on whether topicals or sublingual oils are more effective.

While both topicals and tinctures are effective, they act in very different ways and the choice must be made after taking in consideration the type of condition to treat, as well as the severity and the time before their effects are felt. The following list will give you more information to decide whether you should buy a topical balm or a high quality CBD oil for pain.

CBD Oil: The Default Choice

Pure CBD oil is used by thousands of customers from all around the world to treat both general and localized pain. Sublingual consumption is the most recommended, as it allows most of the natural cannabinoids, terpenes and other components of the hemp plant to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

The fact that hemp oil has been used for centuries to treat both physical and physiological disorders is an indication of how effective it can be. The following pros and cons are worth considering before completing your order:

CBD Oil Pros:

  • Easy Absorption: Hemp oil is effective due to its high bioavailability. This term refers to the amount of a substance that is absorbed into the body after it is consumed. Tinctures containing carrier oils such as MCT or hemp seed oil have the highest absorption rates and allow almost all the components of cannabidiol to reach the bloodstream.
  • Long Lasting Effects: Because they are absorbed into the circulatory system, CBD oils are able to provide pain and stress-relieving effects for hours. Most users take a few drops of cannabidiol in the morning and feel a general sense of calm and relaxation throughout the rest of the day.
  • Wide Variety: Being the most popular products in the CBD market, cannabidiol tinctures come in a wide variety of sizes and concentrations. This variety and availability allows you to choose the best CBD oil according to your particular needs.

CBD Oil Cons:

  • Relatively Slow Effects: As cannabidiol in sublingual tinctures must be absorbed and then travel through the entire circulatory system before they start acting, they might not be the best choice for people suffering from acute pain.
  • Non-Localized Nature: Because CBD tinctures are ingested sublingually, they do not target a specific area of the body. For localized pain, it might be a better idea to purchase a topical balm or CBD

CBD Topicals: The Best Option for Localized Pain

When it comes to sore muscles, joint pains or any inflammation caused by either an injury or a chronic condition, CBD topicals might be the best option. Both physical dispensaries and online shops offer a wide of creams, balms and salves which can be applied directly to the skin over the affected area.

While pure CBD is effective on its own, most topicals contain other natural extracts from plants such as peppermint and arnica, which enhance the absorption rate and the effectiveness of cannabidiol.

CBD Topicals Pros:

  • Localized Pain Relief: Unlike sublingual tinctures, cannabidiol tinctures are effective in providing localized pain relief for injuries, sore muscles and inflammation.
  • Immediate Effects: Because they do not have to be absorbed into the bloodstream, CBD tinctures can begin acting immediately relieve pain. Furthermore, when they are infused with peppermint or other similar extracts, they provide a fresh sensation to the skin.

CBD Topical Cons:

  • High Prices: Because CBD topicals are still less popular than sublingual tinctures, they are often more expensive. While there are some affordable options, it is always important to read previous customer reviews and verify the growth and extraction process used by each company.
  • Need to Reapply: CBD topicals do not remain in your system for a long time as sublingual tinctures. Therefore, it might be necessary to reapply them every few hours to continue enjoying their effects.

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