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As the world continues to regularise the sale and consumption of CBD products, several companies have taken up the opportunity to bring their benefits not only to humans but also to dogs, cats and other house pets. Whether it is in the form of liquid tinctures or hemp-infused edibles, cannabidiol can help your four-legged friend feel calmer and deal with the symptoms of joint pains, sore muscles and other common conditions.

The fact that CBD is as effective in pets as it is in humans comes from the fact that almost all mammals have an endocannabinoid system which regulates the body´s main functions. When out of balance, it can cause a wide range of disorders. Cannabidiol acts by balancing this series of neurotransmitters and making the body perform better.

Where can I Buy CBD for Pets in Australia?

While the United States, Canada and most western European countries have seen the rise of physical dispensaries in all their major cities, Australia is still trailing behind. Nowadays, the best option to purchase any CBD product is by placing an order through online retailers, which offer door-to-door shipments across the entire country.

CBD for pets in Australia are available in many forms. As for humans, the most effective way to consume cannabidiol is through sublingual tinctures. The mucous membranes below the tongue can absorb all the components of CBD and transfer them directly into the bloodstream. CBD edibles, on the other hand, must travel throughout the entire digestive system before the body can absorb them.

Are CBD Products for Pets Legal?

The answer is yes. While the Australian legislation has historically stayed behind that of the United States when it comes to cannabidiol and hemp products, it is currently legal to import, sale and consume extracts made from hemp seeds. As in most other countries, there is a maximum concentration of THC which no product can exceed under federal laws.

With this new positive legal framework, cannabidiol companies have incentives to continue their research and development efforts to come up with more effective hemp products every time. Nowadays, CBD oil for pets in Australia can be found online by browsing through the websites of manufacturers. As always, it is recommended to do a thorough research and read about the different selection processes and extraction methods of each company.

Although sublingual administration is certainly the most effective, CBD oil can also be added to the food or water bowl of your pet or used to make your own hemp-infused treats.



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