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G Pen Roam Review

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The G Pen Roam is the newest vaping release from G-Pen, a leading player in the vaping products industry. This device was inspired by the need to provide dabbers with a portable device with an in-built water filtration system. Whether you are into Shatter, Dab, Wax or other THC and…

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how choose vaporizer

How to Choose Vaporizer

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As the global legalization of marijuana takes its roots, many people are choosing to use medical marijuana over clinical prescriptions to treat the pain and anxiety and other ailments. Most of the medical marijuana patients use vaporizers as a mode of ingesting the drug, and therefore patients should be knowledgeable…

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arizer air II solo 2

Arizer Air II vs Arizer Solo 2

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Arizer Air II The Air II vaporizer is a pocket-friendly portable that vapes dried blends like a champ. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and it connects to your favorite glass accessories for added water filtration. The Arizer Air II (Air 2) vaporizer can be set between 50 and…

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