Choosing the best Gorilla Cannabis Seeds

Before you start off on to the exciting journey of growing marijuana indoors, be it on a large scale or small scale, you need to know which cannabis seeds easily grow indoors. The beauty about growing marijuana indoors is that it is in a controlled environment and hence does not get affected or influenced by unreliable outside weather.

Over the years, research has revealed a number of marijuana strains. Cultivating your own marijuana indoors from Female seeds grapefruit seeds is advantageous but there are certain precautions you have to take in order to ensure success. One of these considerations and the main one is to find a suitable marijuana strain to cultivate indoors.

So many times people have their specifications on what strain they want to grow indoors but it does not mean all strains work well inside a grow tent or box.

What is the best seed to grow indoors?

This is a tough question to answer because it does not have a direct reply to it. The fact is many people choose to grow certain marijuana strains because of certain needs. It could be the need for a higher THC strain, CBD or even a strain with a match of these two compounds.

However, when growing indoors you should remember that not all marijuana strains perform great in a controlled environment. It is because of time researching on the internet and finding out from friends what strain works best in which condition.

Considerations when growing indoors

To decide to settle for the best marijuana strain, there are so many underlying factors worth considering for an indoor grower. First and foremost, you have to consider the size of the plant. This greatly depends on what type of strain the plant is. There are three types of marijuana strains namely; indica, hybrid, and sativa. Each one of these has its own features and they can help in guiding you on which strain to consider for indoor growing.


Indica strains are compact plants with heavy buds characterized with thick finger leaves. Because they are compact, they do not really require that much space which makes them perfect for indoor growing. The effect of indica strains is mainly stoned, relaxing and hence suitable for medicinal use. The indica yield is often big and within just eight weeks it is ready for harvest.


Sativa strains on the other hand need more space because the plant tends to grow very big. It is also characterized by long leaves and small fingers. The effect of the sativa marijuana strain is energetic and creates more of a high. Unlike indica strains, the flowering period for sativa strains is between 10 to 12 weeks or even longer.


These are essentially a combination of sativa and indica to bring out the best characteristics of these two. The fact is, most of the sativa-indica hybrids were mainly bred indoors which makes them much more adapted to these conditions


Many if these marijuana strains have different aromas and often times they are identified basing on what they smell like. Although some of them smell really nice, other have a stench smell that might get your neighbors complaining. It is therefore important to know what the strain will smell like before growing it indoors and also plan on how to contain the smell.

Power consumption

By now we should all know that growing indoors means using artificial lighting and ventilation systems and hence power consumption. Most of the lights used consume a lot of energy and hence it might end up straining you financially if you did not plan well for it. For example, you will definitely spend more if the plant you are growing indoors has a long flowering period.


Indeed, marijuana provides a variety of strains and while some show their full potential in indoor grow rooms, others need different conditions or growing systems to provide the best results. Have you heard about Gorilla Cannabis seeds bitcoin transactions? Indeed some companies allow you to buy seeds with cryptocurrency. It is therefore important to understand what strain works best where so that you do not end up wasting your energy for nothing.

The examples of cannabis genetic lines that are considered suitable for indoor growing are from the White, Blue or Skunk families, as well as Indica Sativa and Sativa-Indica hybrids.