Bush Doctor Nutrients offers organic Nitrogen and phosphorus to the growing Marijuana plant. The organic elements give the plant protection from injury and, availability of Nitrogen helps to enhance the health of the soil and at the same time feeding the plant. Phosphorus also helps to safeguard from the pest that may want to attack the plant and interfere with the final yields.

Bush Doctor Nutrients also has product lines that work differently but contribute generously to the healthy development of the crop. We are going to look into these product lines to determine their functions that help the plants to develop to a desirable stage.

Bush Doctor Microbe Brew has been made to help the plants reach the full microbial habitat at the rhizosphere or the root zone environment. It is best suited for best results in the development of flowers and the buds. The organic micronutrients contained in Microbe Brew helps to feed the plant and at the same time feed microorganisms in the soil.

Bush Doctor Kangaroots helps with the mass development of the primary and secondary roots. They have nutrients that are highly available for use in the plant and its roots.

Bush Doctor Sledgehammer can work in both hydroponic and soil mediums, it helps with rinsing and removal of excess salt and fertilizer accumulation to allow for easy penetration of water through the soil medium and non soil medium. Sledgehammer helps to relieve the stress in the soil so that it will be easy to absorb moisture and Nutrient in the entire root system.

KELP ME KELP YOU is also a product line of Bush Doctor Nutrient. It is a liquid concentrate designed for buds, flowers and for application in the hydroponic media. The liquid supports and improves nutrient uptake and, when used in Marijuana, it will help with fruit and flower development, most importantly for Marijuana growing, it will increase the yields.

Wholly Mackerel liquid plant nutrient comes from the marine species. It gives sufficient nitrogen to help your marijuana plant feed appropriately. Before application, the Wholly Mackerel nutrient is digested into peptides that can be easily used by plants and the soil microbes.

The Bush Doctor’s Boomerang helps the Marijuana plant to thrive in growth. It helps the Marijuana plants with stress to recover through its organic nutrition.

The flower kiss introduces supplements micronutrients that are important in the early flowering stage of the Marijuana plant growth so that it can increase yields. The Flower kiss product line also helps the plants to reduce stress in the period between vegetative growth and the flowering stage.

The Bushdoctor Bembe has been designed to enhance taste, color and the smell of your plant. Actually the word Bembe’ has its origin in the Congo jungle and it means sweet offering. Bembe’ helps to bring out the plant sweetness qualities and is also a feeding source for the microbial around the root. Users of Cannabis usually experience the sweet aroma when smoking or even using vaporizer. The Bembe’ nutrient has rock phosphate that helps with the transfer of energy into your Marijuana bigger buds and flowers.