Growing marijuana just like any other plant requires nutrients. Botanicare nutrients are among the product lines that are utilized in the growth of marijuana plant. Botanicare consists of a single part nutrient program that is easy to use. A big line of hydroponic products is given by Grow and Bloom Botanicare which is the pure blend pro nutrients. For every single stage of hydroponic growth, Botanicare nutrients offer; full line of hydroponic fertilizer, grow substrates, supplements, plastics and grow systems.

Botanicare consists of a range of nutrient lines which are developed to suit specific purposes. For example, the CNS17 nutrient line is made for the large commercial production system. On the other hand, the system of pure blend pro is used to strengthen the plant with enough levels of minerals and vitamins. It is meant for edible marijuana plant so that it can ease its nutritional values. There is also another nutrient line referred to as organic care, this one is used for soil growing and is also designed to serve the same purpose by using all approved organic ingredients.



Similar to the growth of any plant, it is very important to understand what type and the level of nutrients to use. Every manufacturer of nutrients has their own specifications. The feeding schedule for each nutrient line is outlined as follows;



In the first week, use 7 milliliters of pure blend pro plus 5 milliliters of the Botanicare liquid karma plant growth enhancer supplement.

In the second week, apply 15 milliliters of PBP Grow, 6 milliliters of Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus.

In the third and the fourth week, use; 25 milliliters of pure blend pro, 7 milliliters of Cal-Mag Plus and add 10 milliliters of liquid karma.

Before week twelve, which is the last week, use; 15 milliliters of PBP Grow and add, 15 milliliters of PBP Bloom,7 milliliters of Cal-Mag and 10 milliliters Liquid Karma.

In the first week of the last 12 weeks, use 25 milliliters of PBP Bloom,7 milliliters Cal-Mag Plus 10 milliliters liquid Karma.

During the period of the second and third week apply; 30 milliliters PBP Bloom, 7 milliliters of Cal-Mag and 10 milliliters Karma.

In the fourth week, you should use;20 milliliters PBP Bloom, 7 milliliters Cal-Mag Plus,10 milliliters Karma and 10 milligrams of  PBP Grow.

During the fifth and sixth week, use; 30 milliliters of PBP Bloom,7 milliliters Cal-Mag Plus and 10 milliliters Karma.

In the week before the flush, use; 15 milliliters PBP Bloom,6 milliliters Cal-Mag Plus and 6 milliliters Karma, and you should repeat this again when you are not ready to flush.

Flushing of the Botanicare nutrients in the marijuana plant is performed for purposes of cleaning the plant and its roots to reduce accumulation of salt and fertilizer. Flushing should be conducted on a regular basis so as to achieve the best quality of marijuana bud during the harvest period. Following the feeding schedule appropriately will help achieve full Marijuana benefits such as Medical and other most sought after Marijuana chemicals.