Bergman’s Gold Leaf


Bergman’s Gold Leaf is a moderate difficulty strain that delivers high yields. Bergman’s Gold Leaf can be harvested in 12 to 13 weeks from seed. This feminized hybrid has a medium CBD level and an average THC level of up to 21 percent. Recreational users find this strain euphoric and uplifting, while for medical applications, Bergman’s Gold Leaf is recommended to help people de-stress and to recharge energy levels.


Sativa / Indica

Indoor Yield

Flowering Period

40% / 60% 16 to 23 ounces per 3 square feet 9 weeks


Bergman’s Gold Leaf is a feminized hybrid strain officially promoted by the legendary Robert Bergman. The exact genetics are a closely guarded secret, but it is known that Bergman crossed multiple different plants to create his master-piece hybrid. Bergman’s Gold Leaf is designed to grow best outdoors where it can thrive and produce maximum yields of potent buds. However, this versatile strain can also be grown indoors with impressive results.

When growing Bergman’s Gold Leaf indoors, this strain will usually reach above 1 meter tall, while some larger plants can top out at up to 2 meters or more. According to the skill of the grower and environmental conditions, Bergman’s gold leaf produces bumper yields, which can easily reach up to 23 ounces per plant indoors.



Up to 21%






Indoors and Sunny Outdoors

Plant Size



Euphoria / Happiness / Relaxing / Uplifting

Smell / Taste

Earth / Herb / Pungent / Spice / Sweet

Medical Uses

Stress Relief / Sleep / Energizing


Bergman’s Gold Leaf is an Indica dominant strain with bright green frosting, the buds are dense, with yellow gold-tipped leaves appearing when ready for harvest. When you are done with the curing process, you will be hit with the aroma of pine and flowery herbs. This hybrid has a sweet and spicy flavor profile with hints of lime and diesel fuel on its undertone.

Bergman’s Gold Leaf has the potential to relax both body and mind when used recreationally. This strain also allows you to stay focused while in a state of euphoria. The effects are really happy and giggly. So it is a really enjoyable high.

Bergman’s Gold Leaf also benefits from having higher amounts of THC and CBD than your typical strain. THC percentage levels of gold leaf are known to reach into the twenties. CBD levels are typically higher than your average feminized hybrid and have been tested at around one to three percent, depending on the cultivation methods used.

Some consumers have reportedly been using Bergman’s Gold Leaf to help ease anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, and symptoms associated with depression and arthritis.

Bergman’s Gold Leaf ticks many boxes for the more serious grower when it comes to high yields, THC, and CBD levels as well the finished results in terms of bud aesthetics and medicinal uses. However, Bergman’s Gold Leaf may not be the best strain to try for your first grow in terms of difficulty, and you will also need plenty of space for this hybrid to reach its full potential when growing indoors or outside if you live in a suitable sunny climate.