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As high-CBD strains become more and more popular among people who don’t wish to get intoxicated, but still wish to enjoy the many benefits cannabis has to offer, we believe now is the right time for farmers to increase their grow operations with such strains.

The following factors outline why growing CBD-rich strains is well timed for farmers all over the US.

Hemp-derived CBD can be sold almost anywhere

According to the DEA, the federal government has confirmed that hemp derived CBD is legal, as long as it contains the acceptable THC levels (less than 0.3%). Therefore, that CBD tincture, CBD vape juice, and CBD gummies sold at your local store are derived from hemp and not other species of cannabis sativa.

What does this mean? Since CBD, an extract from hemp is legalized in nearly all states, it’s the high time farmers capitalized on this craze. And remember, the most important thing here is, growing hemp strains rich in CBD.

CBD won’t give you a high feeling

Some people have an aim of getting high whenever they consume weed. However, not everyone in need of weed wants to get high. For people who crave for a clean head, CBD-rich strains are the obvious choice.

For instance, CBD-rich strains can be an ideal choice when faced with a hectic workday. They are also a perfect choice for those conservative consumers who are still tentative about trying weed because of the stigma associated with it. Whatever the reason why you don’t wish to get intoxicated, CBD can offer much-needed therapeutic relief without the high caused by the headspace effects of THC.

CBD has many therapeutic benefits

CBD has numerous remedial benefits, which is why many people nowadays prefer CBD-rich strains over THC-rich strains and pharmaceuticals. Here are a few health advantages of consuming CBD:

  • CBD helps reduce inflammation, making it an ideal treatment for pain management. This brings good news to patients suffering from chronic pain because unlike over the counter medications, CBD doesn’t come with side effects or the risks of addiction.
  • CBD is an effective antioxidant
  • CBD restrains the growth of cancer cells
  • CBD helps reduce anxiety – Those with general anxiety disorders and PTSD can benefit from CBD.
  • CBD helps with focus
  • According to The Diabetes Council, CBD helps in the occurrence and reduction of Type 1 diabetes
  • CBD is an appetite suppressant, making it a perfect remedy for those concerned about the munchies or losing weight.

CBD is growing in popularity and in sales

As earlier-mentioned, CBD is rising in popularity; thanks to the much awareness created around the cannabis topic. As a result, CBD sales have doubled in the last few years, and evidently, that’s very good for the cannabis industry. In fact, sales for the entire industry are projected to be around $13.3 billion in the year 2020.

According to some highly regarded business journals, the market size of legal cannabis industry is growing at 16% annually. With all these promising statistics, it the high time people started investing in different facets of the weed industry, especially growing CBD-rich strains.

CBD is ideal for THC tolerance breaks

A tolerance break is when a patient takes a break from consuming products infused with THC to lower their tolerance to the compound’s psychoactive properties.

Although micro-dosing is another way of lowering THC tolerance, some consumers might lack the willpower or self-control to reduce their dosage. Besides the lack of self-control, consumers might not wish to reduce their dose for the fear of chronic body pain or depression making an unwelcome comeback.

Fortunately, CBD-rich strains are an ideal option for tolerance breaks. Consumers can still get the numerous physical and mood enhancing benefits they usually associate with THC while cutting on their THC tolerance. Vaping is considered a great method with this CBD Vape juice. Keep in mind though; CBD does not treat the same conditions that THC does.


While you continue to shower yourself with information on CBD-rich strains, their various benefits, and the strains to appease medical and recreational customers alike, understand that the power to become a successful hemp entrepreneur solely lies in your hands.

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