Growing Marijuana is done indoors by most farmers today. Sometimes when setting up an indoor growing area, some very important concerns regarding sufficient growing space, enough ventilation for your plant and accessibility to light by the plant will definitely arise. If you are planning to grow your marijuana plants with discharge lamps, ballast should tag along; this is because use of ballasts will help to clear the lighting as well as temperature regulation problems. There are electronic and magnetic ballasts. Moisture transpired by the plants in many ways can affect the Lamps used along with the ballasts. It is advisable they are kept out of the growing space.


In the market, there are several brands of ballasts on sale. Lumatek’s electronic ballast is a good example. Most growers would go for this one as it has a dimmer that can emit different amounts of power depending on the growth stage of the plants. It also functions in the temperature ranges of -25 to 40 degrees Celsius and is silent while operating. Another type of ballast in the market is Nanolux electronic ballast that is the lightest. Its ability to adapt to different voltages is its most loved property. There are much more brands in the market, prices differing and services varying it’s upon you as a grower to research and understand what best suits your production.

Apart from electronic ballasts, there are also magnetic ballasts. There is the magnetic ballast class one and class two. The class one magnetic ballasts have in built-in starters, are compact and have condensers. Commonly used Lamps in Marijuana cultivation such as metal halide lamps or high-pressure Sodium are started up by this ballast and feed as they highly discharge energy. They also have a protection chip that shuts it off as soon as they overheat. Over the decade they have been the most favorite for growers.


Class two magnetic ballasts have the wiring system that arrives with the ballast upon purchase making, it easier to start up. They are also sealed with a fireproof box that allows fast dissipation of heat released by the coil. Some of the Lamps used along with ballasts are LED Light Emitting Diode that is the most common in the market. It has a liable lifespan that suits the budget of a grower. It also has lower energy usage that is means, it uses lesser power.


Growing Marijuana indoors and using lamps to give light and heat has many advantages. Marijuana is not affected by foreign elements like extreme cold while grown indoors. Transpiration is an important process to any plant and Marijuana is not an exception. With a constant production of food for the plant’s growth, the yield is bound to be exceptional. The Installation and use of ballasts and Lamps aren’t as involving as many would tend to think. This should, therefore, be taken seriously. With the right information and care the production of Marijuana plant will definitely increase, be tastier and it’s properties stronger.