Cannabis Auto Flowering Seeds


In the growth of marijuana, light is essential in our crop so as to give high yields. This is to both indoor and outdoor growth. However, in recent periods, to counter this there is a marijuana variety that works perfectly under any light condition. Normally, it is the Cannabis Ruderalis specie. It’s found in the hemispheres where light is not very adequate for the growth of marijuana plants. Researchers and scientists alike have used this specie in cross breeding with others, creating what we call auto flowering plants. With these kind of plants, you do not have to worry about light schedules at all. When it comes to seeds Gorilla Cannabis Seeds are one of the best that you can find.

With the regular seeds, you will find that there is a time that reaches and the lighting schedule has to be changed so as to induce flowering. Most of the time, these seeds will require 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. This way, the plants will start to flower.  The Best Autoflower Strains  will work just fine under any condition.

Cannabis Auto Flowering Seeds

Benefits of Auto Flowering Seeds/Plants

Fast Growth-The reason why many growers are opting to go with the auto flowering seeds is their property of fast maturity. This gives the growers flexibility in terms of the times they can produce marijuana. For instance, these plants will mature in under 60 days. This is pretty amazing as it allows you to have a crop throughout the year. This can be done indoors without worrying about lighting systems or schedules. Therefore, these types of seeds will work to the convenience of the growers. Large scale growers will always have a constant supply throughout the year.

Small Size-These seeds will produce plants of small stature. This property enables these plants have more stealth. Therefore, you will be able to conceal your growth practices. Another thing is that it is fit for indoor growth especially to those with limited space. Even with their small size, you are guaranteed of high yields.

No Need for Separation-Most of the time when you use regular seeds, you will be obliged to have separate rooms for both vegging and flowering. However, with the auto flowering seeds, you only require one room for the entire growth period. This saves on space and time for the grower.

Plants can be mixed-The short stature of the auto flowering plants provides for the ability to mix plants of different maturity rates. This is because they are almost of a similar size. They also do not affect each other in any way in terms of light requirements. The only thing that a grower needs to take care of is the nutritional requirements of each plant. For instance, a young marijuana plant will require more care and nutrients than a mature one.

The high adaptability of the auto flowering seeds has enabled many growers have a versatile style of growing. When it comes to cannabis seeds bitcoin is also an accepted payment method. Many large-scale producers are opting to have these types of seeds for their plants as the supply of marijuana will be constant. The growth process is also simplified.