Element Air Naturalizer – AirRestore Review

When it comes to deciding on the air that you breathe, there is definitely no room for compromise! After all, the air you breathe is what’s ultimately keeping you alive right?
Needless to say, we here at  Air Restore fully understand the need of you people to breath in air that does not slowly turn your lungs into sacs of toxins! And that is exactly why; we have taken a bold step to review the latest and perhaps one of the hottest air purification systems available on the market right now!

Behold, The AirRestore Element.

Instead of waiting any longer, let’s get right into it shall we?

The first thing you would notice once you have opened up the box is the actual size of the unit. The device is undoubtedly tiny and really compact, which at first made it difficult for us to believe that this little device was such a powerhouse.

However, upon further inspection and usage, our doubts were gently laid to rest.But I am getting ahead of myself here. For now, let’s just say that when it comes to air purification, size doesn’t really matter for this little chap as it works flawlessly in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The air naturalizer technology installed in the device allows it to breakdown the minute particles of harmful pollutants, leaving you with an air that is organic to the root and brimming with fresh cleanliness.

For your better understanding of the device, I have divided this review into individual sections, each of which will focus on a specific aspect of the device.

Functionalities of the device

Strictly speaking, the functionality of the Air Restore Element falls rather into the more exceptional side of the spectrum. As already mentioned, it’s easy to be fooled by its small form factor. However, rest assured that it is able to pump out fresh and invigorating air faster than you will be able to breathe them in!

We were extremely impressed with the device’s ability to process and regulate the air in our room within just a matter of hours. In our test run, the air ultimately came out to be significantly fresher and more stress free to breathe in.

Once we were done with our room test though, we immediately took it for a spin and left it running for a few days in order to see how it faired when it came to regulating the air of the whole house. It performed marginally great in this section as well! During our test, we tried to make the environment as much similar to a natural stoner’s habitat as possible. Meaning, the air was pretty stale and stuffy.

After leaving the Element turned on though, we soon noticed amazing improvements that made the air a lot cleaner and easy to take in.

Finally, we took the device into a bedroom that was already fluffed up from the dabs of 5 King-Size joints as well as several volcano vaporizer bags. If you are an enthusiast, then you can pretty much imaging the harsh and hazy condition we created to test the device out. Even our review team was having a hard time breathing in that room!

However, once the Element was turned on and left for some time, it soon started to do its magic and the review time found that the air was much smoother and comfortable to take in.

It should be noted though that the smoke did not dissipate right away, however after a few hours, it just a little bit shy from being squeaky clean. If you are a cannabis enthusiast with no room for a large sized bulky purifier, then this is definitely the one to go for!


Ease of Use

The AirRestore Element is very easy to set-up and use. All you need to do to fire up the device is simply plug it in and flip the switch, that’s it!

The intuitiveness and simplicity of the device is actually what makes it so much appealing to the wide mass out there while setting itself apart from all the other over complex purifiers with a bunch of weird buttons! If you are in the market for something that’s simple and efficiently gets the job done, without any complicated button inputs, then this is all you are going to need.

Simply put, the Elements will easily get the job done without overly messing up your mind with a myriad of buttons!


It seems that portability is one of the core selling points of the device and it definitely does not disappoint on that front.

The tiny stature allows the device to be stored anywhere with ease thanks to its portability. It can be packed up into most backpacks, which makes it a fantastic travel companion as well.

It should be noted though that the provided cord does limit its usability to some extent. For example, you won’t be able to set up the device anywhere with no power cord extensions. But that would be a rare case though as the provided cable is almost 10 feet in length.


When comparing the Element with other products in the market, the AirRestore Element definitely falls on the lower end of the price spectrum, particularly when considering all the appliances you can equip your home with.

That being said, given the fact that how well this device works, this device is definitely a bang for your buck and we can blindly say that this one will be completely worth your money!

Overall opinion

All things considered, we were actually extremely impressed by the AirRestore Element. It sure does what it’s supposed to do and does not fall prey to false advertisement.

With its compact design and powerful internals, this particular Air Purifier is actually the perfect option for cannabis enthusiasts who are willing to take another step to keep their lungs healthy.

The Element will very easily help to clean out any harmful pollutants from the air and will make the air extremely fresh regardless of the intensity of the smoke in the room.If you are into cannabis and you have a thirst for clean air, then the AirRestore Elements in the perfect device for you!


Overall: 4.5

Functionality: 5

Ease Of Use: 4.6

Accessibility/Portability: 4.5

Value: 4.5