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Advanced Marijuana Nutrients

Just like other commercial crops, marijuana needs nutrients so as to give a good yield. Let’s put it this way-a person needs adequate and a balanced diet to aid in everyday life. For instance, an athlete needs proper balanced diets with some supplements to enable him/her perform better. If you want a good harvest, you will be obliged to invest in nutrients at the different stages of the growth. This is because the plants do not require the same nutrients throughout the growth. You have to give the right combination as you might end up with very poor results if you do it unprofessionally.

Phasal Nutrient requirement

In marijuana growth, there are two main life stages. Each stage has a different nutrient requirement. We have the vegetative stage and the flowering stage.

The Vegetative Stage

This is the stage that our plants develop a foliage system. It is necessary to have a nourished and well-packed foliage as it contributes a lot to the final stage of flowering. This, in turn, contributes to the end product. The main nutrients used are NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium). In the vegetative stage, Nitrogen will be required in high amounts. It facilitates in good leaf development. Potassium will also be required in high quantities. This is to nourish the young plants. However, Phosphorous is not required as much. You can put small amounts in your mix.

Flowering Stage

During the flowering stage, our harvest is determined. One should take care of the flowers as they form the buds. A lot of Potassium and Phosphorus is needed while Nitrogen won’t make much difference. It is necessary though to combine all the three nutrients. Phosphorus will make the flowers be numerous while Potassium will increase the bulk of the flowers. Putting much Nitrogen at this stage will tend to discourage bud formation and that is why you should put very little of it. It also makes the buds have an awful end taste when harvested. Another point to note is that the nutrients should be in the right proportion as putting excess amounts will burn your marijuana.

Soil pH

This is a critical factor. Knowing the pH of your soil will help in determining the ratios of nutrients. The soil should be having a pH of 6.5.

advanced marijuana nutrients

Other types of nutrients

Some growers like using organic nutrients. They will, therefore, use stuff like urine to cater for the Nitrogen needs of the plant at different stages. Wood ash is used to cater for the Phosphorous and Potassium needs of the plant. Carbon dioxide generators are also used as we know literally every plant needs it for the manufacture of food. However, you find that it is very hard to measure the proportions of the organic nutrients. I would recommend using chemical nutrients.

“Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers”

We have a brand of nutrients that have a sole purpose of simplifying the whole growth process of marijuana. The Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers is a brand created in 1996 by Michael Straumietis. Weed growers fondly call him Big Mike. The company has scientists working day and night to provide growers with the perfect nutrients to make marijuana farming fun and efficient. For instance, we have the following:

  1. Advanced Nutrients Fertilizer Jungle Juice-This is mainly used by those who grow herbs indoors because it does not contain elements that require the sun’s light.
  2. Advanced nutrients Fertilizer Piranha Liquid-It helps in root development of the marijuana plants. A good root system is important to ensure that nutrients travel up the plant leading to the nourishment desired.
  3. Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Liquid Fertilizer-It comes handy in bud formation. It ensures that flowering takes place in the most desired way and gives buds that are heavy and healthy.


We therefore see that there are a lot of nutrients in our disposal. We only have to pick the right proportion for our plants to thrive.