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Maybe you are looking to end up with the best yields while growing marijuana. The only problem is that you do not know how to increase the yields. Well, it is possible that there is something you are not doing right. As a result, you need to improve on a few growing tactics to make the yield better. Learn Sativa Cannabis University gives you great information you could use. Let us get to check out some of the options you can consider right now for the best yields.

  1. Choosing the right strains

It is not going to be easy for you to get high yields when in the first place you are growing low yield marijuana strains. This means that you have to get yourself the best yielding marijuana stains on the market for more yields in the future. Take the time to compare the different options that you might get with the distributors before making up your mind.

Another thing is that you have to consider checking out reviews and additional information on such strains. If you get the strain has many positive reviews, then you can choose it knowing that it will perform great.

  1. Increasing light intensity

Another thing you have to increase the light intensity and even CO2. These two are quite important so that you have the best in terms of size, number, and density of the buds. You can now expect to have some impressive heavy yields in the end.

In most cases, with the proper appropriation of the light intensity, you end up having larger plants and fatter buds. It is important that you deliver on the recommended light based on the stage. The light can vary from one stage to another. As much as that is the case, make sure there is proper lighting so that all the plants can get the light exposure with ease.

  1. Plant manipulation

This is where you get to manipulate the plant so that you get more yields without necessarily investing in expensive nutrients or other devices. This involves in making sure that the wider plants have enough space to grow and will be able to produce the bigger yields.

That is not all, you can even crop and trim the plans so that they have enough exposure to the light and other important elements. With the right manipulation methods, you should have the yield increasing in no time. This is more reason to try out this kind of method.

  1. Use the right amount of nutrients

Well, there is no doubt you might want to consider getting the right marijuana nutrients. With the best nutrients, you end up having an easy time having the best yields. The trick is also that you do not overdo it. Just use the right proportions so as to give the plants what is enough to grow better. It is possible that sometimes you end up using high levels of nutrients. This might have a negative effective than what you are looking for.

Using too much nutrients leads to having yellow tips. This is also referred to as having nutrient burn. Also, providing nutrients in limited amounts can lead to nutrient deficiency. It is thus important to learn about the right proportions to use.

  1. Control the growing environment

Another crucial thing to consider should be the health of the plants. Well, the temperature and humidity often affect these two. There is the need to make sure that you get to set these two within the right range. They should not be too high or too low for the marijuana plants.

Having too high temperatures often reduce the marijuana potency. This is because at high temperatures cannabinoids and terpenes will easily burn away. Also, the humidity can affect the smell of the buds. Just make sure that you are able to maintain them within the right limit also depending on the growth stage.

  1. Proper harvesting

It might seem like a joke, but some people often harvest when it is too early and end up with less yields. As a result, you have to give the strains a window period of 2 to 3 weeks on top of the recommended period. This means that you end up allowing the buds to fully ripen. This definitely increases the overall yields. Don’t be afraid to search for more tips,Learn Sativa University Of Cannabis could be a great lead. Within the window period, you can even end up with 25% additional increase in the size of the bud.

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