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Are you still doing any of these when storing your stash? If so then you are doing it wrong and should immediately reevaluate your life choices.

Storing Your Stash In A Plastic Bag

In my earlier smoking days it was common for me to store my stash in the plastic baggie that I got it in. I always smoked it too fast for it to dry out and lose potency. It was not until I started buying in large quantities that I noticed a real dip in quality from using a plastic bag. It was then that I decided to switch to a nug jar. There really is a difference. I’m sure that you’ve also noticed that the crystals stick to the bag and are a real hassle to get off. Those are crystals that could be collecting in your grinder.  If you’re tired of your stash turning into shake halfway through, then you should switch to glass. As with consumption tools, glass is better.

Storing Your Stash In Anything But An Airtight Container

Non airtight containers such as, well,  plastic bags are horrible for storing cannabis. The only time your stash should be exposed to air is when it’s growing or when you’re loading. Keeping your smoke in anything but an airtight container is going to dry it out and lower the potency. If you’re not storing it in an airtight glass container, then you should at least be vacuum sealing it.

Storing Your Stash In The Freezer

One of my first hookups stored his stash in the freezer to “keep it fresh longer.” This is utter garbage. Of course, you should store it in a cool place, but when we say cool, we mean 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius. Freezing your stash is obviously going to dry it out and reduce the potency. It will also freeze the trichomes and cause them to break, which you definitely don’t want.  It will certainly not be fresh tasting or looking. Same goes for the refrigerator which will cause your stash to mold.

Storing Your Stash With Your Glass

You should also store your stash and your glass separately, unless you want your stash to taste like a cashed bowl. An acquaintance of mine used to store his in his bong between sessions. It made his herb taste like ass. The only time your stash should be near your glass is when you’re smoking it, otherwise you gotta keep ‘em separated.

Storing Your Stash Around Appliances

I used to store my stash in a kitchen cupboard that happened to be next to my microwave, for the reason that it was conveniently sized and not likely a cupboard that people were going to be snooping around in. Another friend of mine used to hide his in the CPU of his computer so his parents wouldn’t find it. While those were clever hiding spots in terms of discretion, these spots were horrible places for storing our respective stashes. The reason why is obvious: heat! You should never store your stash anywhere close to a heat source, especially above one. Heat rises, remember?

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