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While the laws and regulations regarding cannabis products are changing around the world, the fact is that CBD businesses continue to face certain obstacles unique to this industry. While an ad for a bakery or a spa will most certainly be approved by Google or any other site, it is still a different story for companies selling cannabis products regardless of their legality.

To overcome this challenge, the answer is creativity. Marketing your CBD company will take time and an extra bit of effort, but these 5 Marketing Techniques will make it much easier to get more and more customers.

If you would like to receive specialized training on CBD marketing, cannabis business management and other aspects of the legal marijuana industry, you might consider enrolling yourself in a specialized institute. Based in Orlando, Learn Sativa University is one of the leaders of cannabis education in the United States. Make sure to check out their website, as they offer both in-class and online courses for marijuana business owners and anyone who wants to learn more about the industry.

Without further ado, here are five marketing techniques to give your CBD business an extra boost.

Use Social Media Extensively

As with almost any company nowadays, having a strong presence in social media must be a key component of your marketing strategy. Cannabis businesses still face strict regulations to advertise on traditional media platforms; therefore, having a nicely designed informative Facebook page is important.

Consider that social media profiles are often the first impression your potential customers will have of your company. If you haven’t updated your Instagram feed in weeks, chances are you are not going to get much attention.

While social media is generally more open to legal cannabis businesses, make sure to be aware of their specific regulations. You don’t want your business page to be taken down because you failed to comply with them.

Be an Expert

Considering you have a well-designed website and active profiles in the most important social media platforms, the next step is to give your potential customers useful information and portray your company as an expert in the field. Invest in generating quality content, and make sure that -apart from promoting your products- you also provide value to anyone wanting to know more about the industry.

Whenever a new development happens regarding the cannabis industry, make sure to understand it completely and use it to spark conversations with potential customers. For instance, the recent signing of the U.S. Farm Bill gave CBD companies across the United States the opportunity to express their opinions and showcase their active presence and engagement.

Encourage your Customers to Support your Business

Every time you make a sale or get positive feedback from a satisfied customer, try to make sure this is reflected either on your website or your social media’s profiles. Authentic reviews are key to successful cannabis companies, as they portray the experience of users rather than the simple promotion of a product.

Facebook and Google are great platforms for reviews. Also, make sure to have the comment section enabled on your website so that you give the opportunity for customers to publish their experiences and share their thoughts.

Differentiate from your Competitors

Although the legal cannabis industry is still far from reaching its peak, there are already hundreds of companies offering very similar products. If you want to succeed and ensure your company will have a place in the future of the marijuana business, make sure to provide your customers with something different.

Almost every CBD company nowadays offers hemp tinctures, capsules and gummies. Invest in some research and come up with innovative products and alternative ways to fully exploit the properties of cannabis. Companies across the United States are already doing this, offering everything from CBD skin treatments to adhesives, sprays and more.

Use Loyalty Programs, Coupon Codes and other Perks

Everyone likes a good offer, and people buying CBD products are not the exception. Successful cannabis companies nowadays have several ways to reward their most loyal customers, offering discounted “monthly supplies” or giving lower prices for returning clients.

Be creative and ensure that you can provide attractive discounts without compromising your profit margins. Regularly publish coupon codes, find a way to provide free delivery or create bundle packages of products for a discounted price. Cannabis delivery companies like do a great job of this! 

BONUS: Invest in Education

While the cannabis industry is still growing and there is no manual for success, having the advice of experts in the field can make your job much easier. Learn Sativa University provides quality education for cannabis business professionals, with courses covering everything from the legal aspects of marijuana to CBD business management practices and marketing techniques.

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