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After reading hundreds of articles and watching hours of marijuana grow videos, you might now feel ready to order your first seeds and start growing your own cannabis plants right away. Whether you have a small indoor garden or a large field, growing your own plants allows you to be in full control of their strength, taste and effects. The following tips will help you achieve better results, higher yields and a great quality in every plant:

1)    Provide the Best Growing Environment

Light is certainly one of the most important elements for any plant to grow strong and healthy. In the case of cannabis, they require periods of both light and darkness. In case of indoor gardens, certain types of LEDs can be used, along with specifically designed reflectors to maximize their efficiency and timers adjusted to the plant’s requirements.

After choosing the right lighting system, make sure to keep enough distance between the leaves and any lamps installed in your indoor garden. The recommended distance is around 2ft for sodium lamps and 5in for fluorescent ones.

Once you have an optimal lighting system installed, it is important to have humidity and CO2 under control. This can usually be achieved by installing fans or carbon filters, emulating the effects of a natural environment. In the case of home grow boxes, these parameters are usually controlled by the internal computers of the device.

2)    Use Careful Harvesting Methods

While cannabis growers usually put a lot of effort into providing optimal growth conditions for their plants, they often underestimate the importance of having careful harvesting and drying methods once the crops are ready.

After harvesting the plants, they must be dried at temperatures between 60 and 70 °F and humidity levels ranging between 45% and 55%. One of the most common mistakes among home growers is drying their plants under extremely hot and dry conditions, which certainly makes the process faster but damages many of the plants’ tastes and natural properties.

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