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Marijuana Curing

Marijuana growing is a process which takes couple of months and it entails the planting process, application of nutrients, and the flowering stage, harvesting and finally drying. Marijuana curing is an extension of the drying phase. It mainly involves prolonged removal of moisture from the dried flowers and fermenting them in a controlled state. Most of us will be tempted to dry our harvest fast in order to consume it hence jumping the curing stage. However, curing weed will make it stronger and milder when it is smoked.

Reasons for curing Marijuana

There are a number of reasons why marijuana should be cured:

  1. To affect the quality of the smoke and improve the flavor-A slow careful curing process at low temperatures will ensure that the aromatic compounds in our weed(terpenes) are preserved. The low temperatures also ensure that any left-over sugars and minerals produced during the drying process by the decomposition of chlorophyll are broken down completely. This prevents the smoker from getting a harsh burning sensation in the throat.
  2. Helps in the preservation of Marijuana-Excellent curing acts as a perfect preservative. One can go about their business without worrying about the formation of molds or even loss of cannabinoids. For up to two years, well-cured buds can be stored in an air tight container (preferably glass) in a cool dry place.
  3. Perfect curing increases potency-During a process called biosynthesis, Marijuana plants produce THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). Some elements are converted gradually into perfect blends. For instance, THCA becomes THC. This process goes on even after the crop has been cut in harvesting. However, the humidity levels must be between 40-55% and the temperatures between 59-70°F. Our buds will hence gain potency. That is why it is advisable to avoid quick drying and curing at warm conditions as the process is halted at a faster rate.
curing Marijuana
  • Methods of Curing

    1. Brown paper bags-This is the easiest way to cure your herbs. Most people use this method as it is cheap and the bags are readily available. Place your buds in the brown bags and be sure to mix them daily. Be keen while checking for any mold or mildew formation. A good advice is that never at any time be tempted to use plastic paper bags. This is because molds and mildew will always form when stored this way. Plastic bags also have chemicals which may make our weed toxic or become harsh which we would not want.
    2. Airtight containers-After manicuring your herbs and making sure they are dry, place them into airtight containers. The most suitable ones are wide mouthed glass containers. Place your buds into the container carefully without crushing or compacting them. Next, you should place your containers in a cool, dark and dry room. A good observation on the first day is that the buds will not be crunchy on the outside. This is because moisture has begun surging on the outside. Allow the buds to breathe in the first week by opening the containers a few times per day. This way the moisture is also sure to escape and new fresh air enters. If the herbs were not dried properly, you will notice an ammonia like smell when you open the containers. This will automatically lead to moldy weed. It is therefore very important to have patience in each stage. From the second week, open the containers only a few times and not necessarily daily. From the third week, our marijuana is fully cured and will be of high quality when smoked. However, just like wine, storing it the more will make it even better.


    The curing process is one that most people always ignore. It is however very important as it ensures high quality and your consumers will surely come for more. With the increase in the number of marijuana production due to legalization in many states, you would want to have an edge over your competitors.